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Am i better now?

July 3, 2012

Hmm.. as the days go by I seem to feel better and better. I had a job interview today and luckily I get a second interview on friday. But on another note, I went to an orientation for give kids the world, which is where i will be spending most of my summer ( the rest of it at least) volunteering. Being there made me realize how foolish my problems were, i mean these were kids with real problems not knowing how long they will live. it made me really sad but opened my eyes. From now on i will think differently about my pitiful little problems, such as boy drama, girl drama, all drama. Speaking of boy drama, T, lets call him T. Well he texts me, i see it, i dont have my phone, so i do the obvious, send him a facebook message asking ” hey did you text me?! 🙂 ” and what do i get? NO RESPONSE, and even worse i could see that he read it. was the smiley a little bit too much? whatever. he’s going off to college in the fall and hopefully I wont have to see him again. And then theres the EX who was never really an EX but someone that I wasted 5 intimate months with. We stopped talking for awhile because i was convinced i hated him, but recently we talked and everything was all better, does that mean things will change when we go back to school? Only time will tell.


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