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Series of unfortunate events

July 3, 2012

well, its my senior summer and what do ya know? I’m grounded for life. By life I mean all of senior. Which in theory IS my life. You have your typical pathetic cliche story, I came home drunk and mom and dad just so happened to be awake. Not only was I interrogated but im allowed no friends, no cellphone, and no going out. And to think, the reason why i was drunk was because i was at my best friends surprise party which I THREW FOR HER. I think that’ll be the last time I do anything that nice because I end up getting karma. and not good karma. My senior summer will consist of working(job interview tomorrow) volunteering, and doing my unfinished online classes. while all my friends seem to be enjoying the rest of their summer grounding free, i get to sit back and “take one for the team.” Its funny, all i got from them was a pathetic ” omg that sucks i am sooo sorry.” Ugh. whatever. a year from now, i wont ever be talking to 99.2% of these people anyways. well i think that pretty much sums up my first post about series of unfortunate events. goodnight.


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