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does this even count?

July 4, 2012

Is it bad that I feel the need to blog twice in one night? I dont think so. Not in my case at least. Mom and dad started fighting broke the glass stove. WE’RE ALL STARVING TO DEATH. jk. i dont really care since i came to the decision this evening that i was going to be a vegeatarian. I dont know, maybe its me really wanting to lose 20 pounds or just because. im gonna go with really wanting to lose 20 pounds. Anyways, new guy came up this evening. lets call him the infamous ND. He’s one of those really hot guys who deserves to grace the covers of GQ. He’s chill, quiet, and totally inviting. He liked my fb picture tonight so i assumed he totes wanted me. right? Whatever im taking it as a green light and making him my senior year quest. Even though one of my bestfriends says she calls dibs on him? I dont think so. I’m still keeping him on my radar unless the girl code needs to be enforced. well thats all i wanted to write for tonight. goodnight bloggers who are not reading my posts.


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