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Happy 4th of july! I think?

July 5, 2012

Well its about that time, 4th of july, fireworks, fun, family. Oh the contrary, my life doesnt really work out that way. After my mother and I spent all day cooking for the annual BBQ which consisted of just one of our close friends, (the husband and his daughter) my dad decides to pull an oldie and not show up to the bbq because of last nights arguement/brawl with my mother. Highly embarrassing, but highly expected. Anyways, we sat down for dinner, Lynn and I watched a bad horror film, and they went home. BUT of course they couldnt leave without having to deal with one of my parents BS. My parents of course had t o bring up their problems in front of our guests. Let me just tell you, holiday cannot go by in my family without an altercation. Dysfunctional is our middle name. On other matters, matt wont leave me alone, texting me every night the “i want to see you” meaning “i wanna bang” and i just hit him with that “dont you always.” I swear i dont know what it is with this kid. He can just never get enough of my rejections. Its like he keeps coming back for more. Always giving me weird, uncomfortable text messages. Oh and there he is again. Worst of all, this guy used to hit on me when he had a GIRLFRIEND. I hate guys that do that. like do you have no heart? No morals? Get over yourself. Over the past couple months I used to just laugh to myself everytime i saw him tweet about how much he loved your girlfriend. So contradicting to the texts he sent me the night before. Oh well, now they’re broken up. Good for her, shes way too nice, and some guys just never learn. 


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