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A whole new meaning?

July 6, 2012

Today I gave a whole new meaning to “laziness.” Typical summer morning, wake up late, breakfast and kick back in do nothing. By nothing i really mean nothing. No thanks to my grounding, i slept all day, watched a couple videos on the internet and started my exercise. I was able to make it to 48 minutes of running/walking (mostly but walking, but whatever it still counts). After watching a couple peta videos on youtube tonight, I am a fully committed vegetarian! BRING ON THE WEIGHT LOSS. Other than that, while on my run, I happened to see one of my past flings. Needless to say, I sprinted as fast i could. He was one of those flings that you kept a secret, because god forbid anyone found out, my rep would be ruined. He was weird, and too forward for my taste but i kept him around since i was bored. Even called him up a couple times. I knew that as soon as i got home i would have a a read notification sign on the inbox on my facebook. Of course i did. He said and i quote “Thanks for running away from me..” I didnt wanna hurt the poor guys feelings so all i said was “OH?! that was you!?!” Playing dumb always works. Well for me at least, he bought it and I was safe from looking like a stage 5 biatch. I dont know, i just cant wait for senior year and the endless possibilities. Would everything change or stay the same? 


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